Oculus Go

Facebook has announced that it has permanently slashed the pricing of its entry-level Oculus Go 32 GB VR headset to an ‘impulse buy’ level of $149. The move will make virtual reality more accessible for those who want to try basic VR gaming and video playback, but are after something more robust and with better support than various flavors of Google’s Cardboard VR. Starting today, the Oculus Go 32 GB is priced at $149, whereas the 64 GB version costs $199. In other countries where the VR headset is available, prices have been slashed ‘comparably’ as well, according Oculus VR parent company Facebook. The Oculus Go is the most basic standalone virtual reality headset available today (at least when it comes to three major VR HMD...

Oculus Go Now Available: Mainstream Standalone VR Headset Starts at $199

Previously announced back in October, Oculus VR this week has begun to sell its mainstream-focused Oculus Go standalone VR headset. With a price of just $199 for the base...

20 by Anton Shilov on 5/4/2018

Oculus Announces Oculus Go: Untethered VR For $199 USD

Today, Facebook owned Oculus announced their follow up to the Oculus Rift VR headset, and they’ve decided to make the entry point to Oculus VR much easier to access...

28 by Brett Howse on 10/11/2017

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