Welcome back to another edition of our famous weekly price guides. We're here this weekend to bring you the latest information regarding many storage options that are available, covering everything from SATA drives to SCSI to DVDRs. If this is your first time joining us in our price guides, we'll quickly introduce you to what they are all about.

Our RTPE lists many computer components, such as LCD monitors, hard drives, memory, CPUs, motherboards, sound cards, etc. So what we do is take four categories: storage (hard drives and optical drives), CPUs, motherboards and video cards; then we cover each topic about once a month. We not only like to make product recommendations based on prices and performance, but we also like to keep an eye out on the latest happenings in the marketplace and make informed suggestions for your next upgrade.

As per many requests from our loyal readers, we are still working on getting laptop hard drives into our RTPE. However, that task is not yet complete; rest assured that once it's ready, we will be sure to include that market segment in our storage price guides. We know many users also have a laptop or two, and some of them could use a hard drive upgrade/replacement.

We realize that the pricing tables on the following pages do not allow better sorting options like the RTPE does, as all of the tables are listed in alphabetical order. The main thing that you will find in the RTPE is the cost per GB breakdown, as well as the ability to sort by price. This makes finding the best storage deals extremely easy. Hopefully, we can get that functionality for our tables in the future, but for now, let's head on over to the 3.0Gbps SATA hard drives.

SATA – 3.0Gbps


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  • peternelson - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    Why not track the latest Pioneer 111 dvd writer rather than the 110 model?
  • rrcn - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    Thanks for the heads up. I have talked to our RTPE administrator and he has gone ahead and added it to the engine. :-) Reply
  • JarredWalton - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    I've sent an email to our RTPE guy to get it added - I'm not sure how long it's been available, but there's only so much information any one person can keep current on. :) Reply
  • Pollock - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    The $10 rebate for the WD2500KS expired yesterday, so it's only $90 shipped from Newegg now. Reply
  • JarredWalton - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    Unfortunately, that's the problem with pricing information. The day we post an article, prices already start to change. That's why we include the price tables, which update automatically, as well as links to product pages in the RTPE. Reply
  • JarredWalton - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    I've updated the text to include reference to the 111D in place of the 110D. Reply
  • CrystalBay - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    They differ in Price DUH..Offa dufa Reply
  • Olaf van der Spek - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    Why are 1.5 and 3 gbit/s drives listed separately when they don't differ performance wise? Reply
  • JarredWalton - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    Actually, I've debated combining them (and suggesting that to Haider), but the only way to make a sensible SATA page that way involves not listing all SATA hard drives - the bottom charts on pages 2 and 3 are already too long. As mentioned below, prices also differ (sometimes), and there may be a few SATA controllers out there that have issues with the backwards compatibility of 3.0Gbps models. (I've never encountered any, but there *might* be.) Reply
  • rrcn - Sunday, June 11, 2006 - link

    Exactly. The pricing tables are already at great length and dividing them up by their specific SATA interface seems most logical. This just makes it easier to sift through them. As you can also see, Jarred has gone ahead and divided up the 3.0 and 1.5Gbps charts even further by hard drive sizes.


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